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Fortnite celebrates birthday


Fortnite celebrates birthday

YouTrashTV congratulates Fortnite on its one year anniversary. Here’s the contribution from EPIC Games with the event info:

Starting July 24th we celebrate Fortnite’s first birthday (#Fortnite1st) with a temporary event! You will be able to unlock exclusive cosmetic items with a birthday theme through in-game challenges and assignments. We can’t wait to celebrate with you, whether it’s the birthday battle bus or the cabummer sleeves with their delicious surprises!

Each completed Battle Royal Challenge unlocks a new piece of cake from the cosmetic birthday set. Share your best birthday dance party with #Fortnite1st on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Deal 1,000 enemies and unlock the Emoticon Fortnite birthday!
dances with various birthday cakes to unlock the spray motif “Happy Birthday!
Play 14 matches and earn the 5,000 EP.
Complete all the challenges to earn the Birthday Cake Back Accessory.

Join the world in the Save the World Birthday Mission series and earn the heroine of Birthday Brigade Ramirez! Earn tickets to Birthdaylamas where you can find heroes and weapons from all of this year’s events (does not include order rewards).

Come into play on July 24th and celebrate with us! All the best for now, folks!

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Fortnite Week 3 Season 5 Challenges / Tasks


Fortnite Week 3 Season 5 Challenges / Tasks

In Fortnite Week 3 Season 5 the following challenges have to be met.

For all the week two have already finished. You can get the Battle Pass star on the roof at Lazy Links and get 1 free Battle Pass level.

The 3 free tasks from week 3

Anyone can earn these tasks free of charge:

Do enemy vehicles damage (1,000): If this task applies, it will take you quite some time to find enough manned golf carts and deal 1,000 damage to them.
Use a Jump Pad (1): If this task applies, it’s as good as a gift.
Follow the treasure map from Flush Factory – HEAVY (3): As usual you may find a map at the toilet factory. A treasure is then marked with it.
Here are the 4 Battle Pass Challenges from week 3

Meanwhile it is also clear for which jobs you need the Battle Pass.

Shoot clay pigeons at different locations (5): Recently clay pigeon stands have appeared in the game world. There you will probably be able to finish this task at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday.
Search chests at Fatal Fields (7): Fatal Fields is big and offers some chests. The task is therefore feasible.
Eliminate enemies in Haunted Hills – HEAVY (3): Haunted Hills is small, there should quickly find enemies to kill.
Eliminate enemies with explosive weapons – HEAVY (2): This task could be true. If you still have the Grenade Challenge from week 1 open, you can be happy and complete two challenges with one action.

Source: , last checked on: 25.07.2018

Fortnite first info about Season 7


Fortnite first info about Season 7

soon Season 7 starts in Fortnite Battle Royale and so far nothing remarkable has happened in the game. However, there are already a few details and some assumptions that we would like to introduce to you.

Unlike the previous Seasons, there’s not much going on at the end of Season 6 yet. However, there are a few hints that point to the further happenings of Fortnite.

But first, when does Season 7 start? Epic Games hasn’t announced an exact date yet, what’s certain so far is that Season 6 will end on December 5, 2018. So far it has always been the case that the new Seasons always came with the new challenges. That would mean the start of the new season would be the 6th of December 2018.

Now to the question “What theme will Season 7 have? It is clear that we are in the Christmas season and therefore it is obvious that Season 7 will be about winter and Christmas. Indications are the snowstorm that is currently approaching the map.

But what does this mean for the map? and how will the map change? The clues indicate that parts of the map will be covered with ice and snow. Probably it is that the Western Map will be affected and the desert will remain a desert as a contrast.

There will certainly be new places, places that will change and new positions where you can find Loot. It is also conceivable that the lakes and possibly all of Loot Lake will freeze over.

But these changes could also bring gameplay changes to us, right?

It could happen that you see footsteps in the snow with which you can find your enemies, slippery ice surfaces, snowball battle-like items.

The last question everyone is interested in will be a new story for Season 7?

The end of Season 6 is extremely quiet and unspectacular. Since the dice exploded on Halloween, nothing more has happened, so the legitimate question “What happens?

The fact that there is so little information about Season 7 can of course indicate that there will be something completely new. So it remains exciting around Fortnite until Epic releases the first trailer for Season 7.


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