Tera – get some underwear

Tera brings the Golden Underwear to the EMP Store now!

Here the official info of Enmasse Tera:

Gird your loins for battle with an underwear bag box from the TERA Store! From Tuesday, May 15th, you’ll have the chance to choose from five booty boxes, each containing a chance at a special set of underwear with indispensable status bonuses:

Box of gorgeous underwear – Boosts Strength
Box with fitness underwear – Increases max. LP
Crate with reinforced underwear – Increases critical hit value
Box with insulated underwear – Steigert Konstitution
Box of high performance underwear – MP renews every five seconds

And for an even better fit, elite status players get a 20 percent discount on the list price!

Or, in case you want to become a hero in no time at all, get the very best Level 60 scroll that will bring your character to Level 60 in no time. Using this scroll will give your character all the appropriate skills, glyph points, and a set of equipment to match the level–because there’s nothing worse than being killed by a bear all at once while wearing beginner clothing.

So get ready for the battle with underwear that offers unimaginable possibilities, or a scroll that will take you one level higher! Visit the TERA Store and pick them up now!

NOTE: Blade dancers should not use the very best level 60 scroll, as their starting point is designed to bring a character to level 58, teach them the basics of the game, and equip them with the necessary equipment. Blade Dancer characters should first complete all their start area missions and leave the area before making any non-cosmetic changes!

Source: http://tera.enmasse.com/de/news/posts/125


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