TERA Free PS Plus Package

Watch out as a Playstation Plus member and get some nice extras in Tera. Just go to the Playstation Store between 15/5/2018 12:00 and 12/6/2018 12:59 and search for TERA: PS Plus Package.

Here is the description from Playstation to the package:


As a PlayStation®Plus member, you can download and keep this exclusive content forever. Not a member yet? Sign up for PlayStation®Plus and get lots of PlayStation® extras!
Become a PlayStation®Plus member

Get the most out of your TERA experience for PlayStation®4 with the PS Plus package.

The PS Plus package includes:

Shadow marble – a spectral mount with a motion speed of 280 fps.
Blue baseball cap – just in time for spring training!
15 days of elite status including account benefits like double XP, fast travel and more!

Only a TERA character can claim the items in this bundle. Elite status is account wide.

Link to the package: https://store.playstation.com/de-de/product/EP2355-CUSA08525_00-23WCSG0000000000?emcid=pa-st-111284

Source: Sony Playstation, https://store.playstation.com/de-de/product/EP2355-CUSA08525_00-23WCSG0000000000?emcid=pa-st-111284


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