Tera Wizard Guide PVE PS4 Patch 1.09

Hi everyone. I’m Blizzar of Awakening, in Maligos. I just wanted to give you an insight into how I play my Mage and why I do things the way I do them. I’ve been playing my Mage since the beta of Tera on PS4 and maine since then. My experiences come from conversations with other players/players over the years on PC games and various guides that can be found on the Internet and that I have tested. After the whole rumgeteste I came to the final result, which I would like to introduce to you here, so that you can save the whole rumgesuche.

So we start… To the current patch on the console the wizard is the best Damage class if you play him right. But like every class there are some strengths and weaknesses that you have to watch out for.

Pros and cons
Ranged advantage that makes it easier to see what’s going on in the game
Skills are very ping friendly and can also be used with poorer management
Great defense spells with which you can Dodge most mechanics
DPS strongest class and perfect to clear the current content
No bent animations e.g. like Lanzer
No forced chain attacks that need to be used
Requires a lot of mana which is why mana pots are mandatory (healers can also hold the mana upright well)
Too many time cast spells that cause an animation lock
DPS fluctuations due to high critical value required
Due to cast animations only playable as Elin fluently
barrier you have to test with every attack, whether it blocks it or not.
Should I play Mage?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. If you really want Mage Mainen, you should be aware that the class doesn’t always stay the most DPS class in the game. So just because she’s top animal doesn’t mean that. So if you want to play an entertaining class with a lot of possibilities you can play Mage mainen, but if you are interested in big damage figures don’t touch it from the beginning.

Ranged Class Advantage

Being a ranged fighter gives you some advantages, such as being able to see what the boss is up to and react better. There are also no or very few collisions with the boss or other players. Another nice little advantage is that if you die the healer can resurrect you a lot easier than a melee class.


This guide reflects the experiences I have made with the Mage since I started playing Tera. This guide is intended as a learning tool to give other players the opportunity to understand the Mage class as I did when I created this guide. This guide won’t be 100% the best one to get out of the Mage, but in my personal opinion the Mage class is playable with this guide. The guide is not a class guide but only my personal opinion how this character can be played.

Main Damage Spells
Torpedo attack, 3290. Base damage, 5 sec. cooldown, 300 mana.

Start a lightning strike in a straight line and hit all targets up to 15 meters away. This skill is usually considered the highest damage level due to its low cooldown, fast casting time, double critical strike chance, decent base damage, and ability to reset cooldown.

Meteor Strike | 10589 Base Damage | 12 sec Cooldown | 1200 Mana

The top DPS capability. A meteor falls 10 meters in front of you with a radius of 4 meters to the ground. You can cancel the spell time by moving in any direction and the cooldown does not expire. This skill does not generate aggro until the ability passes. During the mana boost, the skill range widens, casting time increases, and four small meteors are thrown before the main character hits a total of five times.

Arcane pulse | 3514 Base damage | 10 sec Cooldown | 124, 248, 248 Mana

An energy ball that hits all targets up to 21 meters away in a straight line. When the ability is fully charged, two projectiles are fired instead of one. Basic damage is calculated for each projectile so that a full charge equals 3514 + 3514 = 7028 basic damage. This skill can be aborted during loading animation by teleporting Jaunt or Backstep, and the cooldown does not continue. During mana boost, this ability will shoot four projectiles instead of two when fully charged. When glyphed, you get +75 Crit for 5 seconds.

Nova | 7812 Basic damage | 16 sec Cooldown | 700 Mana

Summon an energy ball 7 meters in front of you that causes damage in a radius of 6 meters. During casting you are immune to Knockdown / Stagger and take 50% less damage (without fixed damage). This ability has a good chance of knocking down monsters if they’re not immune. You can cancel cast time with Teleport Jaunt and Backstep. Canceling this ability sets it to cooldown, but you still get the buff when you glyph this skill. When you glyph, you gain +75 Crit for 4 seconds.

Vacuum pulse | 6774 Base damage | 15 sec Cooldown | 600 Mana

You shoot a pulse that flies up to 21 meters and causes damage to a target. Make sure you always look behind the boss when you do this skill, as you will get a bonus damage to the ability.

Filler Spells
Hailstorm 10337 Base Loss 26 sec. Cooldown 1000 mana.

Throw a wide AoE circle 12 meters in front of you with a 6-meter radius. The skill takes about 8 seconds, and each target hit all the time gets 25 hits. It also places a debuff on your target (except dungeon bosses), which reduces movement speed by 10%. This effect lasts a few seconds and can be stacked up to four times. While this ability is active, try your best to look behind the boss for the bonus damage to count.

Barrage | 3595 Base Damage | 3 sec Cooldown | 600 Mana

Fix a target within 18 yards, then press the same skill again to complete the ability. This ability has a slower casting time, but there is a glyph to increase casting speed by 40%.

Defense Spells

Brief explanation: I-Frames are spells with which you can dodge attacks from monsters if you activate them at the right moment. Excluded are abilities that are supposed to kill you 100% by the game mechanics.

Teleport Jump | 15 sec. Cooldown | 120 Mana

An I-frame that teleports you 10 yards in the direction your camera is looking. If you use teleport jump while pressing a direction key, you will be teleported in the direction you are looking. Teleport jump is a great ability to reposition yourself outside the damage or quickly get behind monsters. The ability has a higher cooldown, so use it wisely.

Step back | 5 sec Cooldown | 85 Mana

An I-frame in which you take a step backwards. If you use this while pressing a direction key, the skill will be made in the direction you are moving. This ability has a much shorter cooldown, so you can use it more often than teleport jumping. You can use it to reposition yourself, or quickly get behind the monster.

Frosty retreat | 1252 Base damage | 5 sec Cooldown | 150 Mana

A backward jump deals damage to enemies and gives a movement speed debuff for 0.3 sec (excluding boss monsters). If you use this while pressing a direction key, the skill will be made in the direction you are moving. It’s another backstep skill, but NO I-frame. You can use it to reposition yourself, or quickly get behind the monster.

Distorting Barrier | 10 sec. Cooldown | 200 Mana

An “I-frame” that lasts 1 second (2 seconds when glyphing) and restores 5% of your maximum MP when used. This is probably the best i-frame in the game. However, using the Distortive Barrier during Mana Boost will cause the buff to be temporarily disabled until the Warp Barrier effect is finished. ATTENTION!! MANA BARRIER AND DISTORTING BARRIER DISSOLVE EACH OTHER.

Stone Skin | 3 Min. Cooldown | 500 Mana

This ability turns your entire body into a Stone (makes you Invincible) that lasts 5 seconds. Alternatively, you can use the skill again to deactivate it earlier. If you use Stone Skin, you will lose all the aggro you have built and will be temporarily disabled.

Mana barrier | 1 min. 30 sec. Cooldown | 200 Mana

Surrounds you with a barrier that can absorb up to 17,346 damage for 45 seconds. It costs 1 MP per 50 damage and ends when the shield reaches maximum damage or you no longer have MP. This ability is perfect for blocking attacks that don’t subtract 100% of your HP. ATTENTION!!! MANA BARRIER AND DISTORTING BARRIER DISSOLVE EACH OTHER.

Support Skills
Magic boost two minutes cooldown 400 mana.

Magic Strengthening grants you a buff that increases your attack speed by 21% and increases damage against all types of monsters by 20% for 21 seconds (when you glyph). Skills such as Meteor Strike and Arcane Pulse (when learned at the highest level) gain new effects. Use Mana Boost only when the boss is angry to cause more damage. The bosses are angry for 36 seconds, so in the middle of your rotation you have time to prepare to use Mana Boost before the rage stops.

Mental explosion | 20 sec Cooldown | 400 Mana

Throw a circle in front of you that lets all targets sleep for 12 seconds. The target wakes up when it takes damage (even poison damage). This doesn’t work against dungeon bosses, but you can use it on Twilight Isle for the BAMs.

Lightning Ring Trap | 24 sec. Cooldown | 400 Mana

Place a circular trap around you, the monsters they touch will be stunned for up to 6 seconds. This is a great ability when doing the BAMs on Twilight Isle.


(These rotations were created provided the boss does not move).

The first thing to remember is that you should always start a rotation with hailstorm and from there throw away the cooldown. The reason I say that is because the casting time is so short and there is free damage.

Start-up Rotation (Mana Boost)

Ideally, the lightning strike would be reset further, but unfortunately this will never happen, since you need to know what to do if the lightning strike is not reset at all, let’s take a look at it:

These two are the fill skills and should always be replaced by a lightning strike when the cooldown is exceeded.

Outside Mana Boost

In the following, it is assumed that lightning will not reset. You would still spam a lightning strike if it were reset. Throw arcane impulse as soon as the cooldown has expired and repeat the spin.

Important Note: If you have trouble fitting into all of these abilities, the most important thing is to remove the priority abilities.

Concluding remarks on the rotations: These rotations are a guideline. They work on paper, assuming the boss is a sandbag (not moving). Of course, sometimes you have to use repositioning skills and won’t be able to turn off the entire rotation 100%, but you can certainly try it. If you have a perfect reset RNG against a boss who moves a lot, you would still use Meteor Strike as you like before the boss turns around. Then you can change the position and continue with Lightning Strike. Instead of going Arcane Pulse > Lightning strike > Fireblast, you would simply turn AP into Meteor Strike because you want to get rid of the meteor as soon as possible before the boss spins, so you don’t risk a side or back critic.

Standard Dungeon Glyph Page

Mana conservation Glyph formation

I recommend this build if you don’t have glitter or just don’t want to spend so much gold on pots. You’ll probably still be potting a lot, since this is a sorceress after all.

You can also completely unglyph the warp barrier and take the hailstorm managlyph if you feel you don’t need warp.

Master Race
Source: Yosha Tera Sorcerer Guide PvE

As Mage one has the choice between two peoples Elin and Castanic.

In my opinion, Elin always wins the choice of the race to choose for the following reason.

The cast animations as you can see in the picture above are faster with Elin. In addition, animation locks in which you can not move are shorter, which has the consequence that you have a higher life expectancy. Of course the Castanic offers the nice passive buff of 1% Crit which doesn’t help you if you die faster by longer animation and less damage is caused by the animation in the long run.

So as long as Bluehole doesn’t adapt the Mage to Elin, my tip is better to play Elin than to choose another race. As soon as Bluehole decides to adapt Elin, the first choice is Castanic, but as this has not happened on the PC itself, I doubt it will happen on the console in the near future.


Own experience from the PS4-TERA version
Yosha: Tera Sorcerer Guide PvE. Available online at: https://sites.google.com/view/yoshasorcererguide/home?authuser=0 , last checked on: 17.05.2018
Hallex: Hallex’s Sorcerer Pv3 Guide Online available at: https://essentialmana.com/hallexs-sorcerer-pve-guide/ , last checked on: 17.05.2018


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