Tera Schlachtfeld-Jackpots PS4 PVP Event

For two weeks starting Monday 21 May at 17:00 UTC, winning a game in Canyon of Honor or Corsair Fortress will give you an extra bonus from a Battleground Jackpot!

Each jackpot contains one of the following items, each of which is useful for making or enchanting ambush equipment:

11th order raw material ×50
Infested mineral ×2
Dust of seduction ×2
Handkerchief of the holden Maid ×1

All players of the winning team will receive a jackpot item.

The jackpots in “Canyon of Honor” run from Monday at 17:00 UTC to Friday at the same time, and jackpots in “Corsair Fortress” run over the weekend, then the reps until Monday, June 4 at 17:00 UTC.

Source: http://tera.enmasse.com/de/news/posts/tera-console-jackpot-calendar-may


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