Tera PS4 May 2018 Events and News

TERA has started well on the Playstation®4 and Xbox One consoles and Enmasse wants to offer the players constantly new content so that you don’t get bored. Now they have published the plan for May with new content and many extras.

May 1st
We start the month with the first delivery of Item Pass and a new dungeon: Liliths Fortress (difficult): a 5-player dungeon for level 65 characters. (Liliths Fortress is designed for characters with item level 417 or higher.)

May 8
Get in line! It’s time for a 20 v 20 rumble! Corsairs Stronghold is a level 65 PvP battlefield with a best-of-three siege mode in which one team is defended inside the Titular Fortress while the other team attacks it. It then changes roles in the next round.

May 18-27
For these 10 days in May, each monster you kill either in the two dungeons or in the open spaces grants you twice the value of XP as before

May 22
In the last week of May we introduce Ruinous Manor (Hard), which is part of the same story that led you to Lilith’s Keep. This is also a 5-player dungeon for level 65 characters; designed for characters with an item value of at least 422.

Stay tuned, we have more events and item releases planned, as well as a few surprises.

Replenish your supplies, increase your equipment and get ready for a month of chaos!

And we’re just getting started with TERA for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We’ve planned a summer full of new content, including new classes, flying mounts, seasonal events and more!

Source: http://tera.enmasse.com/de/news/posts/check-out-whats-in-store-for-tera-console


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