Tera Powerlevel Guide 2018 Level 1 to 65 in one day PS4 Patch 1.06

To coincide with the first Tera XP event on the console, we’ll be showing you the fastest way to get your character to level 65 today.

Level 1-20

When you create a new character you start with the tutorial, which you play through first. After you come to Velika you take the main quest and run it up to level 20.

Level 20-60

When you have reached level 20, go to the main menu “Search Running” -> Search instance groups and play the instance. It sounds dull but is the most effective way to simply run these instances up to level 60. It goes without saying that you always take the one at the top of the list, as it gives you more experience.

Level 60 – 65

With level 60 you go back to Velika. At the northern main gate you’ll now find a quest row that gives you the gear for Sabex Weapon Chamber. As soon as you have finished the quest row so far that you can run Sabex Weapon Chamber you will do so. From level 63 you can continue with the Meat Catacobe which you can run up to level 65. Once there you’ve finished leveling and can pick up the 65 gear in Höhenwacht. Now you have to run Vernos Laberatorium, Die Kanäle and Kriegsgalere to get Vernos Gear. If you have the Vernos Gear you will enchant it until you reach 410 GS. Once you’ve achieved that, you’ll need to go to the Lilli Gear farms to get what you can get in Lillita’s Fortress and Durion’s Blood Temple. These instances should no longer be denied by the search, as from here the demands increase significantly and consultation is necessary.


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