Tera Playstation 4 Title Farms – Title Overview

Here you can find a title overview for the console version. A big thank you goes out to Amarilla, who has already summarized it in the Tera Forum, so that we only had to revise it for the console. If you find any bugs, feel free to contact us. The link to the original forum thread can be found at the bottom of this post.

General information

Top class This title is given to you if you were the first of your class on Lvl 65 on the server.
Hunter For this you must have killed 10 000 henchmen.
Monster Hunter For this, you must have killed 10 000 monsters.
Monster harvester: Consequently, you must have defeated 50 000 monsters here.
High Beast: Here you must have killed 100 party monsters or bosses.
Who’s the boss here? You will get this title when you have killed 5000 named bosses.
Kumasspalter/in For this title you must kill 50 dazed and lazy Kumas in the sky hills
Cliffhanger Here you must defeat Atrocitas on the Cliffs of Madness
Ovofürst/in Ovolitharten im Reißertal would like to be killed for this: 20 times the gigantic and 20 times the lurking
Labyrinth sprinter 1 time Tabruk, 20 times Labyrinth stalker and 20 times Moloche Azarels have to be put over the knee in Azarels Labyrinth.
Column of Strength In the Holy Basin you must defeat Andras
Death’s right claw This title you get when killing 50 Red-winged thief riders on the fog moor island
50 frozen death stagnants from the basilisk slope await their death here.
Terrible Pirate Matching the Pirate Hat you can get this title for defeating Abraxis on Fog Bog Island
Snow patrol Teriak from the frost distances must be hunted for this
Kelthuzad Murderer As the name suggests, you must have killed Kelthuzadvulcanus in Tor Exsul
Storm trooper: on the Fyrkuppe Stormy Kanash have killed
Ruler over Arun this title must be earned hard. He demands 1 victory each over Arakia, Lanok, Barraq, Atrocitas, Deathstars, Abraxis, Tabruk, Trunus, Solrachnus, divine robbers and stormy Kanash.
The ruler of Shara for all with boredom, because for this you always have to win 1 victory each over Andras, Terkasia, Kestol, Teriak, Dulagoras, Gluttonous Teeth Brood, Three-Hornedracolothen, Nyxarras, Vulcanus Southwalkers, Blood-Choundedracolothen, Huzrat, Taljägerarachnen, Kelthuzadvulcanus, Magmarteralithen and Sand Sneak Lizards
Friend/in der Darsternis im Darsterwald would like to be killed for this purpose-50 times of course
Bird lover 25 victories over consecrated teraliths and 25 victories over Betsael in Amena Quatla have to be won for this purpose
Canyon hiker from the Sienna Canyon please kill 50 ravenous fangs of fangs for this purpose
Dracolothenjäger/in: again in the Sienna gorge 50 three-horned dracolothen have made acquaintance with death
Nest robbers who killed Nyxarras 50 times in the Sienna Gorge
Stone legend Magmartealites from Tor Exsul kill 50 times
Tooth puller Yunara’s gum tooth from the plane of the damned kill 50 times
Spinner: for this Linyphi waits in the valley of the peaks for his beating in traditional costume
King maker 25 victories over Mizar and 25 victories over Alcor from the Valley of Peaks are necessary here.
Orphan maker this cruel title one receives for the murders of Maevia in the Feendickicht
Soloboss Conqueror of this noble title demands 10 pre-won titles from you, because you should always have killed 10 Basilisks, Desert Lightning Cumas, Naga Combat Masters, Ice Robbers, War Masters, Giants, Ovolithen, Claw Riders, Dracolothen, Lithikumas, and Warlords single-handedly for each of them
Red robbers at the Khanovar front should have killed Baruldur, Nauti, Darmayan, Mogmolor and Hursaras once here
Thanks to this you have to destroy Argon devices in the Knechtfeste: 10 times Zalgegspirale, 10 times Trolnikspitze and 10 times Grellemstrebe.
rubble is good this title is reward for each 100 destroyed Aquaasextractor, 100 Grellokstrebe and 100 Jurnaggportal in the Three Towers
Tirkaiexpert/in in Val Tirkai always 5 Argonomorphagamarodeurs, Draelteryxe, Argonomorphfurchtmalignose and Argonomorphcornulisken each expect the death
Pest control always requires 100 murders each of Nervous Sloth, Sloth Slasher, Sloth Sloth, Purple Arcaia, and Green Arcaia in Balder’s Sanctuary here
Kumaister/in here you have to kill 10 lazy Kumas, 10 Dazed Kumas, 10 Desert Lightning Kumas, 10 Patient Lithikumas, 10 Fairy Touched Lithikumas, 5 times Lagreah, 5 times Grig and 5 times Magnus from Balder’s Temple as well as kill these three bosses 5 times each on Hardmode. Apart from the title, you get a non-tradable cuma mask:

World ruler This modest title is a reward for the successes of Iron Fist and Velvet Glove, in which the basic principle in all provinces was once Vanarch.
Simply goldig for this you must have collected a total of 5000 gold
Deathbot(e)/in the title most of the time only acquired with me, at 100 times Radieschen from below see. Here you can also find 2 scrolls of the complete resurrection (i.e. endurance afterwards back to 120 and full LP+MP) as well as 2 battle remedies (also replenishes endurance during battle back to 120).
Angel of death here only needs 50 loose suicides.
Dedicated One title for all addicts, because 6 hours playing time at a time are required from you
Summer lover(s): for this title you need 6 successes (Deep dive, Island groove, Party in the swamp, Pitschpatsch and Ice dancer) in which you kill a BAM while wearing swimwear, dance dressed in it in Ostgarath, Val Tirkai and Westonia and swim in it for 10 seconds (Event). As a thank-you, she receives a pair of summer sunglasses that cannot be traded:

Pictures of summer lovers:

Sugar Sweetness: you’ll get this appetizer when you’ve thrown 10 sugar pumpkin cakes at the pumpkin head (Event)
Sausewind 100 speed drinkers consumed
Citizen-oriented: you have voted 15 times. As a thank you there are 2 non-tradable bravery potions (always heal 5 sec. after 1 sec. 6% of your LP)


Family mediators You have completed the “Sibling Rivalry” quest
Investigators, you have completed the quest “Decline of the Betrayer.”
Detective you have completed the quest “The mystery becomes more and more opaque
You have completed the quest “The Force Hinders the Gut Slots”.
Master of the tradition for this you have completed 200 quests. As a reward you will receive a necklace for level 1.
Vampire hunter for completed quest “Storm on the estate”
Officer’s material for completed quest “Going beyond your limits for heroism”
Dentist for completed quest “Pulling the Tears”
Intruder for completed quest “Raise the veil”
Volunteer for completed Quest “Light of Dawn”
Model pupil for completed quest “Enter the ranks”.
Lumberjack for completed quest “The secret life of trees”
Mountain Conqueror for completed quest “Attack on Acharak”
Soldier for Quest Dark Revelations
Pistolera for completed quest “Pyromaniac”
Dimension traveller(s) for completed quest “Crossing the rivers”.
Historian: you have completed 1000 quests to do this
Quest rescue unit “Into the kiln” successfully completed
Frag-o-matic quest “Fragment of Hope” successfully completed
Bloodstained quest “Sikander’s Curse” successfully completed
Spiritual Guide Quest “The Iron Spirit” successfully completed
Destiny determined quest “Eradicate the plague” successfully completed
Gatekeeper quest “Find and destroy” successfully completed
Quest “Fraya’s Trust” belonging to the hard core successfully completed
Proven: Quest “The Captured God” successfully completed
Hungry: Quest “Like a brother to me” successfully completed
Peacemaker Quest “A New Species” successfully completed
Kaias Schwert: Quest “The long farewell” successfully completed
Freigeist Quest “Kaidun free” successfully completed
Doctoral Quest “Frayas Zorn” successfully completed
Fatal Quest “Visions of Destiny” successfully completed
Core Health Quest “Till the Core Tainted” successfully completed
Truth Seeker: Quest “The Traitor of Acarum” successfully completed
Traveler(s) Quest “Jewel of the Desert” successfully completed
Guard of Velika Quest “The Guard of Velika” successfully completed
Spoilsport Quest “Labyrinth of Secrets” successfully completed
Godforsaken for the Quests “Thulsa’s Decline” and “The Herald of Destruction”
Master of tradition here you have completed 1500 quests
Queen Slayer for completing the quest “Ending the War”.
Light in the heart for the completion of the quest “In front of Balder’s eyes”.
Repairer Quest “Mähmeister 2000” successfully completed
Smuggler Quest “Smuggling traffic” successfully completed
Favourite student Quest “Favourite student” successfully completed
Paramedic Quest “Stilling the bleeding” successfully completed
Instructor Quest “Blood baptism” successfully completed
Nearly bilingual quest “Tuwan-like?” successfully completed
Thirsty: Quest “Final farewell” successfully completed
Butcher quest “There are more Tuwangi to kill” successfully completed

revenge addict(s): quest “time for revenge” successfully completed
Explosives expert(s)/in quest “Fire free” successfully completed
Ham lover Quest “Ham on the run” successfully completed
Pig herder/quest “Schinkentakti” successfully completed
Zeug(e)/in des Niedergangs Quest “Dier Herrschaft beenden” successfully completed
Foresters You have successfully completed the quests “Unpredictable Guys”, “Poisonous Mushrooms”, “Supply Chain” and “Young Shoots”.
Frosty: you have successfully completed the quests “Smash Glass in case of Argon Mastery”, “Turned Up All the Way” and “No Land for Ice Giants”.
Test proponent Quest “Tenebraratest” successfully completed
Bounty Hunter Quest “Heads will roll” successfully completed
Never again saddle(s): Quest “Never again” successfully completed
Showcase child Quest “All children are our children” successfully completed
Fleischer/in Quest “The biggest butcher” successfully completed
Master of disguise Quest “Hidden from all eyes” successfully completed
Blue-blooded quest “The Blueer Part of Bravery” successfully completed
Ghost Hunter Quest “Disrupted Transplanting” successfully completed
Richly presented quest “Better than a bouquet of flowers” successfully completed
Heartfelt: Quest “Revenge of the Heart” successfully completed
Keeper of the Light Quest “Keeper of the Lights on Burning” successfully completed
Treadstep(s): Quest “Treat them gently” successfully completed
Argon Slayer Quest “The last thing we wanted to see” successfully completed
Desert rat quest “Au…ge um Auge” successfully completed
Dracolothenickiller/Quest “You can’t joke with Dracolothen” successfully completed
Covert investigator Quest “What’s Under” successfully completed
Cold-blooded: you have successfully completed the quests “Darrekuur of the Twice Headed”, “Against the Praetors”, “Counterattack”, “Fallen of Fear” and “Elimination of Thulsa’s Cavalry Troop”.
Fairy Whisperer(s)/You have successfully completed the quests “Mass Effects”, “Fogged” and “A Fairy Job”.
Hot-blooded you have successfully completed the quests “Recapture of the Furnace,” “Steeled by Blood and Fire,” “Tribulation of Tarnos,” and “Reinforcement Please!
Heartbreaker Quest “Hearts of Fire” successfully completed
Bookmakers you found Linkias last letter
Curious quest “Oshar’s greatest secret” successfully completed
Fluent in speech and writing Quest “The future captured on paper” successfully completed
Scholars You have completed the quests “The Future on Paper”, “The Legacy of the Father” and “Linkias Last Letter”.
Marathon runner from … (for each province you must have completed certain repeatable quests 10 times)
Spirit Rider for completing the Agnitor Absolute and Nexusnihilism successes will receive in addition to the title of this Death Controversy Horse

  • for the most damage to your raid group in a Nexus area, you will receive no title but a non-tradable Dwarf Gorkaner Mask:

Battle and Duel

She won’t bite for this you have to win 10 duels.
Duelist you have participated in 1000 duels
Dangerous ones have to win 100 duels for this
Challenge(s)/in you have participated in 1000 Deathmatches
Prize fighters have to win 1000 Deathmatches
You will receive this title if you have won 20 times in a row on a battleground.
Awe-inspiring for 500 victories in the Canyon of Honor you will receive the non-tradable winner’s crown in addition to the title
Conqueror of the Canyon of Honor for this you must win first place on the Battleground Rankings of the Canyon of Honor. For the title there is a diamond – the merchant and the Portemoinai are pleased
Blood-soaked …(class) you will receive this title when purchasing a blood-taumel weapon
Carnivore of this title is only available on PVP servers, as it requires the use of the skill “Killing Intent” to launch an attack on another player.

for the respective classes there are 3 different skill-typical titles in addition. e.g. with wizard “Fire Artist” if you have used the skill “Fireblast” 500 times, or 500 times “Agility Boost for the title “Quick”.


Cleanly cleaned up 15 victories over Soulbreakers and 15 over Bloodbound Vulcanus in the Bastion allows you to this title
Triple threat of this title will kill you after 30 times Malgarios in the estate of malice to own
troublemaker also available at the estate of Arglist for 15 victories over Duke Volperon and Duchess Tirania
cult classics in the refuge of the cultists you must kill 30 times Terkasia
Klabhaoter(man)/woman in the refuge of the cultists you must kill 30 times Bhaozurbas
muscle (man)/ woman in the necromancer crypt you have to win 30 times over Vedilith
Lord over the keys Beryl heart from the Golden Labyrinth must die 30 times for this
Split personality Valgmore and Varcerbus from the Golden Labyrinth to be defeated 15 times
Goldkind 30 victories over Baracos from the Golden Labyrinth bring you this title
Hardcore a title that you get when you win 30 victories over Akasha in her hiding place in hard fashion
You have to kill Halvaroggh of the Nightmare from the Labyrinth of Secrets 30 times on Hardmode
Nightmarish at 30 victories over Drakiirath of Nightmare in the Labyrinth of Terror on Hardmode you get this title
Foolish: and again in the Labyrinth of Secrets on Hardmode you get a title for 30 victories – namely by killing the end boss Killian of the nightmare
Foolish: – favourite enemy in ebony on hardmode you have to kill 30 Maceris of the nightmare here
Gottschlächter/in also in hardmode of the ebony tower, at 30 murders of Thulsa of the nightmare
Sky fighters here you need 10 victories each over all 3 possible bosses (Adryssir, Mektryssir, Valtryssir) from Saleron’s Sky Garden
Eyewitness(s)/in for killing Meldita in the argon body you get this title
Shandramanie this is probably the highest discipline, because you have to kill Shandra Manaya 30 times in Manaya’s heart on Hardmode.
Epic this title becomes your own when you have laid 30 times Kelsaik of the nightmare in his nest – of course Hardmode. So reward (apart from the Zebra what he drops) for this success you get the Kelsaik Mask


After bringing up all collection skills (mining, plant collection and energy production) you will receive an additional inventory slot (i.e. another row) in addition to this title.
You will need to increase your Energy Gain skill to 300 and then receive this great fairy globe by mail.
Harvester after reaching the maximum value of 300 at your plant collection skill, you will again receive in addition to the title of this flower ribbon:

Mine Workers and Mining Skills at 300 will also receive a halo:
If you’ve successfully enchanted items (not necessarily one and the same) nine times in a row, this title is for sure
Absolutely adorable for this you must bring an item to +9
Resource specialist who is industrious and gets all craft professions at maximum gets this title next to an lvl 1 chain
Fashion freak my personal favorite, very easy to get by 30 times coloring items


For this you need the reputation “Adored” at Bellicarium.
Member of the family for this you need the call “Verehrt” at the Jaxtstiftung.


Group seeker(s) only need to join a group to do this
Veteran of the Valkyon Federation this title is for all veterans, so before Tera: Rising began
You should have formed 100 groups for this group person.
Community animal and for those who prefer to be invited, this title is available through 100 groups to join
You must become a born leader 10 times Guild Master to do this
Opportunist in this title you get if you have joined 10 guilds
Friend(s) with 40 contacts on your friends list will give you this title for free
You must receive 10 Gifts of Love for this richly gifted item (Event)
Angel of Love a very coveted title, which you get for the Valentine’s Day (event), where all witches of the Eldritch Academy have to greet you
Propaganda professional available if you have received 6 Pamphlete Serenas via holiday propaganda
Chocolate addicts for receiving 6 portions of old chocolate from Taeras will receive this title (Event)

Reference “Amarilla”, https://board.tera.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/24263-Betitel-dich-Titel-%C3%9Cberblick/ , 07.05.2018


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