Tera 100.000 Gold / Day Gold Farm Guide PS4 Patch 1.06

There are several ways to get gold. Here we show you two of our tricks / tips with which we made the most gold.

Blade Dancer Powerlevel Gold Farm Guide

It’s simple in principle. First you create a blade dancer. As everyone should know, you start at level 50. First you do the blade dancer main quest. When this is finished, you should have reached level 60 and be able to run Sabex Weapon Chamber. You do this until you reach level 63. Now run your carcass catacombs to level 65. When you have reached level 65, go to Höhenwacht, where Seir has a quest ready for you. This should start with the solo echo and send you through the 65 Inis “War Galere”, “The Channels” and “Vernos Laberatorium”. Complete the complete quest series (you can leave out Lilita’s fortress if you don’t have a team to pull). After you’ve finished all the quests, you should have quite a bit of Order 9 raw material and this will be exciting. You’ll make order 9 raw materials into order 10 raw materials, which currently go away for 80 – 115 gold in the Action House. Now you put the farmed raw material in stacks of 50 into the action house and wait for someone to buy it. When you have sold everything, you should make an average of 60,000 to 100,000 gold depending on the price. Anything else that makes gold like emeralds will be sold as well. Now you can put all your gold into the bank and delete the character to start all over again. Once you’re in, you’ll farm 1 character per day, which means 60,000 to 100,000 gold.

The King of the Action House Gold Farm Guide

The second trick we’re going to introduce is actually just common sense. It’s about the familiar game supply and demand. What we need at the moment, people spend a lot of money for, and what is not needed very much. Now you just look what I need to get on GS 422. That would be raw material of the order 10, Alkahest (master, complete etc.), scrolls of the half transformation etc.. Now you observe all these things and see how the price changes. If the price becomes so cheap that you can buy something up and put it back in more expensive, you do that. Otherwise you only sell your stuff if the price is good otherwise you keep it a little bit. The same with costumes and things you can buy with EMP. You check if someone puts something in too cheap, buy it out and put it in more expensive. That’s all the magic and once you get it out you can make a lot of money with it. The only downside is you need a certain amount of gold, but you can farm it with Trick 1.


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