The Best Champions in October
so you rise in the rankings

We have dealt with the best Paladins champions in October and show you which champions will bring you success according to Paladins Tier-List OB60.

The Tier List is an estimation of experienced players and only shows which characters are best according to “Meta” and expert estimation. Of course, you may also be able to play well with other characters who are not at the top of the list.

The Strongest Champions on the Tier List
S+ animal

Makoa’s strength is his Mobile Shield and his high mobility with which he can quickly get into the opponents, but also, if things get critical, get out again. His Ultimate Ability can save his life and make him a beast on the battlefield.

Cassie has a high mobility with her crossbow, which benefits the Tank Meta. Cassie can use her skills to reduce healing and hurl enemies back. Her Ultimate ability gives her unbeatable cowd and map control.

S Animal

Sha Lin – high mobility and high damage make Sha Lin in combination with his ultimate ability to become a Damage Animal
Fernando – currently fits perfectly into the two Tank Meta
Mal’Damba – his CC and his heal is very strong in the current meta
Barik – his towers counter the currently strong and difficult to hit Damager and as a tank he also makes himself solid
Meave – With the Buff, Meave is back at the top in terms of damage and mobility.
These champions are classified as good according to the animal list.

The following champions are also doing well in the current meta. They are only slightly weaker than the above and can also be dangerous in the right hands.

S- Animal

Seris – one of the best supporters due to its high healing rate and mobility
Zhin – his counter and high mobility in combination with the damage he deals makes him a top animal character.
Lian – very easy to hit skills and high damage
Willo – very strong due to healing reduction in the 2 tank meta
Jenos – the high healing and CC are very strong in Jenos
Drogoz – the high AOE harm and his mobility still make him a good damage dealer
A+ animal

Bomb King
A Animal

The weakest character according to Tier-List

These champions are currently unable to assert themselves because they are easy to counter.

A- Animal

Kinessa – too static what does not fit the mobile meta
Strix – too static what does not fit to the mobile meta
Talus – new and not so easy to assess
Skye – too easy to counter by items
B Animal

Inara – does not fit so well in the Mobile Meta other tanks are currently better
Grover – Throw axe you can easily avoid other supporters are better
Buck – too little damage
C Animal

Pip – healing too weak, can do anything a little but nothing right
Tyra – small AOE damage and only Single Target damage increase are unreliable
D Animal

Grokh – very easy to counter when killing the totems


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