Guide to Lachelita’s ruin

Lachelita’s Ruin is a 5-man instance that drops materials to make the “Tempting” equipment (to console patch, as of 22.05.2018, best equipment). The instance has a normal (NM) and a heavy (HM) mode. This guide covers both modes and applies to the patch level 22.05.2018 for PS4/ XBOX. Most of the information comes from his own experience and Yosha’s original guide to the Ruin (RM short), as the instance is often called. I will first give general information and then go into each boss individually. First I explain the main mechanics, then the individual special mechanics and finally normal attacks of the bosses.

Note: Video clips of the attacks and mechanics will be added in the future! But Yosha Guide (see sources below) is useful.

Videos and Playlists

For healers

Tips for solo healers in HM:
Cleaning as a mystic under 30% at Lachelitas HM Endboss:
DPS Mystic Lachelitas HM Endboss:
HM 1ster Boss Mystic:
Trick for mystics with the first boss:

For DDs

HM Warrior Run in German:
HM Archer everything:
HM Archer last boss (after Revamp):
HM Wizard Endboss:

For tanks

HM Lancer Playlist:
HM Warrior Tank Playlist:
HM Endboss Fistfighter:

Other useful videos:

Guide for RM NM (German):
Guide for RM HM:

General Information

In principle, the first two bosses of this instance are not really difficult. But already in NM some attacks hurt a lot (like the backhit of Lachelitas). But only in the HM it becomes clear that you have to avoid most attacks if you want to survive (e.g. Lachelitas tail twist). You should know that every boss automatically gets angry for every 10% damage you inflict on him in non-raged status. The Angry status duration is 36 seconds.

For the HM, the following note:

Most mechanics subtract a fixed HP value (e.g. color change in Atrocitas or balls in Lachelitas), so a certain HP value must be reached in the end boss to survive a mechanic. Therefore please bring armor life crystals and healers should have LP underwear and LP Vyrske with them. These are the ones with the drop symbol. Buff food, which will increase your health, should also be mandatory for the last boss: Moon pumpkin muffins, struthiobrustfilet or popcorn (<- that should be the cheapest) for example. For more information, see the last boss. Also please remember to pack at least a “Blessing of the Goddess” in your HM. This item will revive you (half hour cooldown). Please don’t waste it on the first two bosses. All bosses have more life points (also defense?), are snowy and do much more damage to the HM. They also have additional mechanics and attacks.

Basic healer info:

As a healer in NM as well as in HM you can compensate almost every mistake of your team, if you know how. So you can still save an actual wipe. The most important thing is: Don’t panic. So take it easy and remember that your repertoire consists of more than just healing skills. Among the individual bosses I’ll give you even more detailed tips. Furthermore, as a healer you should always take blessings from the goddess with you, because if you can’t get up, there’s chaos. Save your blessing for the last boss. Also, don’t waste your backstep/teleport jump on every attack, only when you need it badly. You can run out of most attacks and priests have a Wild Escape for movement. Mystics can stay out of combat as much as possible (= inserted weapon) and can therefore run fast. To reduce damage, you can use Kaias Shield (Priest) or the Glyphed Ring of Corruption (Mystic). If your tank initially makes the boss angry, mystics should remember to turn their contamination on the boss. So your DDs will do even more damage. As the battle progresses, whenever the boss is angry, the Mystic should reapply the contamination to the boss. Remember to take life crystals (those with the water drop on them), life underwear and buff food (e.g. popcorn) with you.

Basic tank info:

As a tank you have to remember that you can’t block everything in this instance. Please see the respective bosses for more details. It is important for you to trust your healer, especially in the HM. There are several mechanics in the HM, which always pull LP and there you have to trust your healer or communicate well with him. Otherwise it could be useful for the group that you rotate with the boss if the boss rotates (e.g. because of Lachelitas laser). You can also make the boss angry (angry) right at the beginning and give the DDs a burst phase (explosion of group damage) right at the beginning. Quiet refuelling, sharp observation of the boss already in NM and avoiding fatal attacks should be your priorities next to holding the aggro (boss attention/red circle among you).

Basic DD (Damage Distributor) info:

Apart from eating as little damage as possible and driving as much damage as possible, there are other things to watch out for. Whether NM or HM: Make sure the second boss gives the tank enough time to pull the aggro at the beginning of the fight, as well as on death. If you don’t, the tank could be targeted by the small spider while it also has the aggro of the big spider (which is more complicated to solve in HM than in NM). See the second boss for more details. Otherwise play carefully, don’t get greedy and make the mechanics decent. There is no real race against time, because even with the second boss you can compensate a wipe in the NM (and in the HM limited) due to missing damage. More details about this can be found below. Furthermore, you should always have fast scrolls of the resurrection from the specialty retailer with you to resurrect your healer-and only your healer with it. If your tank makes the boss angry at the beginning, stay alive and ignite your buffs (e.g. Warrior’s Deadly Game) and brooches (only SpeedCut / Power or Goddess Brooch). This is your time to do some real damage. In the further course of the fight the boss gets angry again and again (see above when) or is made angry by the tank – then the same game as at the beginning of the fight.

Atrocitas – First boss

Atrocitas is a film risk like you can find in front of the entrance of Lachelita’s ruin. So you should already know the normal attacks. If you want to refresh your knowledge about the base attacks, just fight a few film brilisks on the Isle of Twilight. In HM, the boss is “Resurrected Atrocitas”.


Main Boss Mechanics: Red and Blue Debuffs (also: Color Debuffs)

At the beginning of the fight everyone gets a red or blue debuff. This debuff must be observed and changed during the fight. The mechanics of the color change of the boss and his donut attack (explained below) are taken into account. You need to know at all times what debuff you have. If you die and resurrect, you don’t have a debuff for now and can take a debuff of your choice once the next time you have a donut (after that, just follow the mechanics as usual). The boss also has a color you have to orientate yourself by (blue/red). He can change this color. See the mechanics for more details.

Mechanics 1: Boss color change

Below 90% Atrocitas starts to light up red/blue. This is the indicator that it has changed colour. However, he can also keep his color and, for example, if he is just blue light up blue again. It is important that you know the color of the boss to change the color debuffs accordingly. To know which color the boss has at any time in the fight (e.g. if the boss has a poison effect and is greenish), look under the LP bar of the boss for a red or blue debuff.

For HM: In HM the color change does 35 000 direct damage. This damage cannot be avoided, but the damage can be reduced by shields (e.g. Kaias shield of the priest).

Healer tips: You must heal against the color change in the HM and make sure that everyone has full life at all times to prevent deaths. As soon as you have the timing for the color change out, priests can throw Kaias shield first to reduce the damage. Mystics can call their healing pet for support.

Mechanics 2: Donut for player (you) color change (also: Donut)

The boss announces this mechanics with a message in the screen. A red inner and outer circle then appear. Depending on your colour and the colour of the boss, you will have to stand inside or outside. You can imagine a magnet for this: Same colors repel each other and different colors attract each other. If you take the wrong color (so to speak your existing color twice) you die. If you successfully “take” the donut, your color will change to the other color. Do not stand on the transition line of the two donut parts, otherwise you will die.

All possible variations:

Boss is blue, you are red = pure, because blue is given there.
Boss is blue, you are blue = Out, because red is given there.
Boss is red, you are blue = pure, because red is given there.
Boss is red, you are red = Out, because there blue is given

This mechanism returns approximately every 45 seconds.

For the HM: In the HM, when the boss is below 70%, he also does this mechanics every minute. So you have two cycles of mechanics in the HM, so that a donut can come twice in a row. In addition, you don’t have as long to change colour as in NM. So hurry up.

DD Tips: Don’t get DPS horny. As long as you learn this instance, it’s called: Stop doing damage, do the mechanics and then go on. In NM you have a long time, but in HM “one more skill” (e.g. scythe from warrior) can cost you your death.


Attack 1: Jump (also: Stun)

The boss jumps backwards and then forwards (usually to the one the Aggro has). The jump to the back does some damage and the jump to the front stunts, i.e. you can’t move for 10 seconds. This stunt cannot be cleaned. It has to be ge-i-framed (rebound etc.) or you go back a bit and have been outside the attack. It also can’t be blocked. If a person has been hit, the boss will turn to that person and stomp on it a few times (Death by being stomped to pancake XD).

Tips for tanks: Tanks with relatively good equipment should be able to partially block the damage of the rammer for his stunted colleagues in NM. This can make the job of the healer easier. You can’t block the stunt.

Tips for healers: If a person is stunned, you can use Divine Intervention to save that person from death. This also works in the HM and should be used as a matter of urgency. The NM can be used to heal the person (+ Kaias shield for priests) – but you prefer to pull the person. Remember that the jump can’t be cleaned – so your cleaning brooch won’t work either. So never let yourself be hit. There’s a trick for the mystic that if you’re close to the Ring of Doom, you’ll use it to resist the stunt, but still trample forward. Let your tank know if you want to do this. Gives your DDs free damage time. See videos above.

Attack 2: Charge – yes, simply Charge

The boss turns to a player (targets a player, purple/blue circle among players), takes his front claws forward and “digs three times in the air” – then he runs (charged) towards the person. The boss adjusts his charge career partly to the player (follows him partly). Then he charged back to the one who has the aggro (red circle – hopefully tank). This attack bleeds through the block, so you either have to get out of the way or dodge.

Tips for tanks: You can’t block the entire attack, but if you block the boss at the beginning of the charge, the boss won’t run away and stay with you as long as you’re targeted by the attack. You can’t prevent the charge if the boss is targeting someone other than you. If you have good equipment, full life and a good healer, you can stay inside.

Attack 3: Random Jump

The boss jumps from a standing position towards a person with the Secondary Aggro circle (purple/blue circle). Then he jumps back to the person with the aggro (red circle – hopefully the tank).

Attack 4: Wind attack in front of him (also called “Dodge!”, to the tank)

For this attack I couldn’t find a better name… The boss stretches himself forward, his eyes flash red for a moment, squeezes his chest out, as if to show you how great he is, and then lets wind blow forward. This attack can’t be blocked, it has to be dodged. If a person is hit, he gets massive damage and is pushed back. The attack has a fan shape that widens towards the front. In addition, the attack has a fairly long range. If someone is hit by it, the boss makes a color change.

Tips for healers: You can help out newcomer tanks by igniting Kaia’s shield as soon as you notice the mechanics. This will reduce the damage to the tank. At least in NM.

Tips to all: Yes, it sounds like a tank attack, but no – as soon as the boss looks at you: Watch out for this attack. Enough DDs and healers have already died. Really. I mean it. Death by wind doesn’t sound too tempting, does it? 😀

Maligos – Second boss

Maligos is an annoying boss. Really. As DD (and healer) you will learn to hate him. You just throw all your buffs, start your rotation, be happy about the horny damage and BAM you have the spider. Crap. So be prepared to play babysitter for the little spiders the boss calls. Yay. Otherwise, this boss is pretty simple, even though he can kill you pretty easily. It’s an Arachne (who would have thought?). It’s on the Isle of Twilight – so have fun practicing your normal attacks. At least the Arachnids on the island don’t call mini spiders… Yay. (You realize how much I’m not excited, right? Yay: In HM the spider is called “Resurrected Maligos”.

Tips for tanks: Keep the boss away from the eggs at all costs! For God’s sake, don’t let the big spider get to the eggs. It’s best to refuel the boss in the middle. Besides: At the beginning of the fight, when you run in… get ready to dodge. She’ll most likely charge at you.

Tips for DDs: Don’t commit suicide at the beginning. The boss loves to charge – especially at the beginning of the fight. So get ready to dodge it. Also watch your position in the room – especially remote DDs. If the boss ancharged you, I’d woe betide you to bring the boss to an egg. Unless you want to provoke a wipe.

Tips for healers: See DDs. A cleaning brooch is also very useful. So if you have one, remember to use it in case of an emergency.


Main mechanics of the boss: Mega annoying mini spiders (also: “Spider – get rid of the damn spider!”)

I gave you a heads-up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. As soon as you get to the second boss, you’ll notice eggs around the room. These eggs are spiders’ favorite snack. So what do we do: We feed the mini spiders – wait, the other way around: We feed the eggs to the mini spiders. Which mini spiders? you ask. Well, the boss calls mini spiders for help as soon as he reaches about 90% LP. He also announces this with a message. This spider follows the player with a red circle over his character. At the same time a bar appears, which fills up automatically. The bar is the time you have to take the spider away. So you run around with the spider a bit, play a little with it and at about 75% of the bar you bring the spider to an egg. Then the spider sleeps. But what happens when the ledge is full? The little spider pulls you in and WAM: Stun and you are most likely dead. What else does the mini spider do? It can jump up and when it hits the ground it damages every player nearby and gives a bleeding debuff for 3 seconds (you can’t clean it). She also likes to make crazy attacks in front of herself. Otherwise she will run after you. At least hopefully. Sometimes she thinks I hate you, and she’s gone… for a short time. So have fun with the little spinnies. But moment? All spiders like the eggs, don’t they? Oh yes – the boss in particular loves the eggs. Really. He’s so hot for them, that as soon as he even comes within reach of the eggs, he immediately eats them up. And they taste so good that the boss even gets 10% more attack speed and does 20% more damage. So yay. Oh yes. Something else. You are probably wondering what happens when all the eggs are gone? I’ll say it like this. I hope you’ve become fond of the little spiders. They follow you to infinity and draw you to them at regular intervals. So paradise for spider lovers. Have fun.

For the HM: The last fills up faster and that’s why I have to be taken away earlier. Also, a frontal attack from the spider can kill you. Yay, and so on.

Tips for healers: You’re probably a little intimidated now, aren’t you? Don’t worry. You have THE Secret Weapon: If the little spider wants to pull, priests will detonate the Guardian’s Refuge and Mystic’s Ring of Corruption in time. Do you have net at your disposal? Oh, don’t worry. Jump. No joke. Jump for your life and you won’t be pulled over but only thrown down. Your team has problems with pulling the little spider? Use the tips just given and stay within reach of the small spider (tell your group so they can kite the spider near you). And then what? The little spider pulls – your team is in the clutches of the enemy (you’re not) and then comes the cleaning of the To I mean, life! Your team will worship you in all infinity and all are happy. Seriously, what I just told you prevents a definite wipe! Besides, if you do get pulled over and stung – brooch!!! Think of the cleaning brooch (or goddess brooch/ Vergos brooch)!

Tips to all: If you have the red circle above you, go away from the group and kite the spider. But stay in sight of your healer. The best way to kite the spider is to stay close to it and circle it. The spider can’t handle it and its attacks go into void plus it doesn’t move. You can’t get the spider away in time? Warn your group and – jump! Jump for your life! Then you will only be thrown down. Oooor you rely on your healer. You don’t have the spider, but it pulls? Jump to safety. Besides, very important. Leave your tank 100% aggro. Tank dies? Give him time to get the aggro back. If you don’t, the following can happen: The tank doesn’t have the boss aggro, it gets the small spider and the tank gets the boss aggro back. You can’t pull the aggro from the tank in time… And either the tank brings the small AND large spider to the egg: Best case, small spider eats before large and sleeps. Worst case, big spider eats before small one, gets the buff and small one stays. GG. Don’t let that happen at all (especially in HM). Another case. Tank waits until you pull the aggro from the big spider and is either at the EI in time – prevents it from pulling, or (more likely) doesn’t make it in time and the small spider pulls. GG.


Attack 1: Charge (number 1 cause of death, also: “Char – shit!” i.e. death)

I’ll start right at the beginning with tank killer number one: The batch. You have a death wish? Then plunge into the spider’s batch and you are guaranteed to die – even with a guaranteed death block. You must avoid or dodge this batch under all circumstances. As I said, not blockable. The boss takes his, um… claws (? What have arachnids?) to his mouth, like evil spiders do when they want to spin a cocoon. Then he runs towards you (random person with blue/ purple circle). He can do this on different people up to 3 times (if he gets angry, up to 4 times). So be careful – a batch rarely comes alone. Be careful not to lead the boss to the eggs (otherwise the ‘nen Buff and the egg is gone – good hunger). If the boss turns around with a claw swing, he will definitely become batches afterwards.

Tips for tanks: As with the first boss, you can block the first tick of the batch. This prevents the boss from running away from you. Again, only if he targets you. Tanks with full life, good equipment and good heal can stay in one batch.

Tips to all: Woe betide I lead the big spider to the eggs. So pay attention where you stand. Always. All of you. Otherwise you’ll have a lot of fun with the spider in the HM.

Attack 2: Spitting… … … Yes, he spits on you.

Not better describable. The boss turns to a random player (purple/blue circle) and spits on him. Avoidable. Blockable. The boss can do it on different people up to 3 times (if he gets angry, up to 4 times). Spitting is an AOE attack – so watch out for the adjacent players. Doesn’t really do much damage. Mystics can run out.

Attack 3 of the boss: Stomper (also: Stun; “Stun! Ok… Stun-Stun!!”)

You can see this attack very well. He attacks the one who has Aggro (tank hopefully) 2 times in a row with a very fast triple combo – short break between both attacks. So Tack-Tack-Tack – Pause – Tack-Tack-Tack – Boss raises his forefeet and BAM – Stun. He also likes to do it 2 times in a row. This attack must be dodged or you go out of the attack radius (around the boss). The stunt makes you immobile for 5 seconds. Can be cleaned.

Tips for healers: Learn to anticipate this attack – it will be announced very long before! If you have the timing, learn to “pre-clean”. What does that mean? You clean a bit before the stunt – the moment the boss makes the attack. So your group members, if at all, are only stunned for a millisecond. There are some DDs (berserkers) and tanks (fistfighters) who let themselves be stunned voluntarily or forcedly – they have faith in us healers. So very important.

Tips to all: Learn to see the attack before the actual animation of the stun attack! I told you what the boss does before. In HM you don’t have as much time to dodge as in NM – that helps. People with few dodges should talk to the healer beforehand so that he can clean quickly. And then rely on your healers if they dare. Or you can run out if you see it early. Berserkers, for example, can charge their attacks during this time. Remote DDs can relax during the attack – a few steps back should be enough for you.

HM Attack: Pull + Stun (also: Knock-Down/ Free DMG Phase)

The boss is trying to pull you over. A message appears on the screen and the boss “weighs himself” a few times while he has a debuff under his LP bar. During this animation you have to knock the boss down (knock down) or interrupt (stagger) before the boss has 6 seconds on his debuff. If you don’t succeed, the boss will pull you in and stun you briefly to kill you with an AOE attack. The stunt should run out just before it makes the AOE – so dodge quickly!

Tips for all: Know your Knock-Downs (last hit of Rising Rage from Warrior, for example) and Stagger (driving rain from Warrior, for example)! All of you should be concerned with your Knock-Downs and Staggers! So also you! If you’re not sure if you’ll make it… jump.

Tips for healers: Healers can also down (last hit of Triple Nemesis and Final Retribution for Priests, Mystics have Light Strike and the Zorni Pet) and stagger (Shock Implosion for Priests and Ring of Retribution for Mystics). As with the little spiders, if you don’t manage to throw down or stagger the boss. Priest=Guard’s Refuge, Mystic=Ring of Corruption. Otherwise – jump.

Lachelitas – Last Boss

Lachelitas is the final boss of this instance. It’s a transformed Lilitas, who thank God doesn’t moan anymore. While there are some things to consider in NM, these mechanics and attacks in NM are not as deadly as in HM. It is recommended to recognize their attack patterns in the NM and to learn to avoid them. – This becomes necessary in the HM.

Attention: As soon as the boss is angry, he executes his attacks faster!

For the HM the following hints:

Lachelitas gets quite a speed boost in the HM. She can also make herself faster if the healer has a mechanic. Important for the HM is: Life. More life, to be exact. See that your DDs and healers have about 160,000 LPs. Life crystals in armor are mandatory. You have life crystals? Give it to me. Life underwear is also extremely useful. You fail again and again because of this boss? Don’t be afraid to run with two healers at the beginning (priest + mystic). To learn the instance, that’s perfectly ok. There is no timer i.e. no time limits or shield phases (but PC version has one). It is extremely important to stay alive in the HM. Otherwise you will be guaranteed a mechanic wipen… Also remember to throw all your buff food (including what gives life) when you die!

Tips for everyone except: Never get up again immediately after resurrection. Otherwise a laser could rust you among others. Equip your cleaning brooch/ goddess brooch, put it on a shortcut and use it only for the pushback mechanics below 30% in case of emergency. Do not use it for any other reason as long as you are inexperienced in the instance. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you no longer need the Cleaning Brooch and can use your brooches (Goddess, Speedcut, Power Brooch) during the Damage Phases (“Burst Phases”, Boss angry, you ignite all Buffs). You can light your brooches (except cleaning brooches) during the very first “Burst Phase”, but not after that. I hope you’ve saved your resurrection rolls, you’ll only use them for the healer when he can’t get up! Also, you should never port out of the instance without asking your healer. The healer can carry this instance alone on his back in NM and almost alone in HM. So wait a bit until Wipe is announced. For the life limit, your party can throw themselves golden buff food (Dark Wings, Flame Salad of the Freelands and Traditional Black Field Grilled Meat; or Feast or Melsas Triple Feast).

Tips for Tanks: Fuel the boss a little away from the center so that some mechanics can be seen more clearly. Don’t take the debuff from Mechanik 1 in the HM. Don’t take the debuff from Mechanik 1 in the NM either. Memorize the attacks in the NM – especially pay attention to those you can’t block. If the boss in the HM beats you through the block, you can take an elixir of the relentless savages to increase your constitution (defense). It’s only worth it if you don’t die. So it’s not for practice runs. Pay attention to the announcements from the healer.

Tips for DDs: Pay attention to the attacks and mechanics. See what you can’t dodge (I-frame) and block. Run out the mechanics. Play safe, do no damage and concentrate on survival. You have time. There is no race against time. No shield phase. No timer. So always take it easy and don’t panic. Bring your life on about 160,000 lives by life crystals (the one with the water drop), if necessary life underwear and corresponding buff food (e.g. roasted maize aka. popcorn). Magicians are unlikely to make it to so much life. They have to remember the mana barrier with the corresponding mechanics or simply don’t eat the balls (see mechanics 2). Pay attention to the announcer and the announcements from the tank and especially from the healer.

Tips for healers: Lachelitas is, like the first boss, a healer boss. This means that healers have to do a lot here – not only healing is part of it. As always, your top priority should be to stay alive. Once you can’t get up, the rest of your party can’t get the boss (unless she’s almost dead). Therefore, save your blessings and newcomer resurrection. You should also drill everyone else in your party to take Fast Resurrection Roles with you (or generally such Resurrection Roles). It’s also important for you as healers to get as much life as you can: life crystals in armor and jewelry, 4% Max Life rolled on earrings, life underwear, and buff food that gives life (e.g., moon pumpkin muffins, struthio breast fillet, or popcorn). Your group members got a debuff? As long as it gets cleaned, clean it. You are too far away? Heal first then. You shouldn’t stand behind the boss as a healer. Stand a few meters away from the boss slightly behind her breasts. The mystic in the group can also put balls on the edge of the black stripe just before the start of the fight by running close to the wall. We’re talking about life spheres here. Under 50% of the Mystic’s Boss Life Points should be placed on the edge of the ball and no more anywhere else (except the Mystic has to heal himself). There is a maximum ball limit – so only throw healing balls to the edge (no mana balls). It’s best to talk to the group about where they should be. This is important for a mechanic that starts below 30%. Depending on group damage, balls can be placed sooner or later. You should use certain skills carefully in the HM. For the priest these are among others Kaias Shield and Divine Rest. As mystic, the Healing Totem and the Healing Pet. Furthermore, it is important that you try to resurrect when the boss is doing mechanics (unless you want to do the resurrection trick). You should always announce when you resurrect and also point out that a Rez laser might come on you. Get ready to drain it.

Resurrection Trick (also known as: “Mark Up”): The healer can briefly use his resurrection in Lachelitas and immediately stop by running left/right. If the boss is not in an attack animation, a laser immediately follows the healer. Otherwise the laser may be delayed or not appear at all. This “rez-laser” has a cooldown time. If you are experienced enough as a healer, you can give the DDs nice damage phases. But please go before the boss at a good moment so she doesn’t spin. Attention! Resurrection Scrolls (and the Priest’s Resurrection) can also cause lasers! So be careful if you want to resurrect your healer (or if the priest wants to throw in his resurrection). Healers should announce if they want to provoke the Rez laser.

Double Heal: You are welcome to run with two healers in the HM with an inexperienced group. These should be priests and mystics – not double healers. But here it is important that the healers coordinate. The mystic should put balls of life to the side under 50% boss life points. Do not lay mana balls, lay life balls below 50% only on the edge (if necessary, discuss with group where exactly). So the priest should focus on healing everyone while the mystic supports. This means: The priest heals and cleans the group while maintaining buffs (energy stars etc.) and the mystic throws bullets, revives group members, heals and cleans if needed (if priest needs help) and maintains his debuffs (plague etc.) and auras (Kritchance and Mana). Very important here: The healing totem of the mystic overwrites Kaias shield of the priest – one wants to avoid this under all circumstances! So talk yourselves out of it. Also remember that the blessing of resurrection from the mystic overwrites the blessing from the priest.


Mechanics 1: Circle and curse (also: “fate”, “debuff”, circles)

Lachelitas performs this mechanism regularly (approximately every minute) on less than 90% of her life points. A message (“Fate…” something) pops up on the screen and each group member gets a red circle under his feet. This circle slowly fills up. Shortly before the circle is full just walk out (there is no need to be an I-frame/ dodge). If you don’t manage to avoid the circle, you get high fixed LP damage (i.e. defense doesn’t matter). It cannot be blocked. After that, the person closest to Lachelitas gets a debuff. This debuff lasts 2 minutes, cannot be cleaned and persists beyond death. If you get the debuff twice while the first debuff is still active, you die. So you have to take turns with the debuff. The debuff also gives you 50% more damage received. Therefore, it should be avoided that the tank gets the debuff. In NM it’s not so bad, in HM the tank can’t refuel if the gear isn’t very good.

For the HM: The circles do 500,000 fixed LP damage (i.e. defense doesn’t matter) if you can’t get out. Debuffs are distributed to the two closest group members to the boss (2 debuffs). The tank must definitely not get the debuff unless it has no other choice. Talk to each other at the beginning when who will take the debuff. So e.g. first Healer and Fern-DD, then the Nah-DDs etc…

Tips for all with Debuff and the tank: If your Debuff has not run out yet, leave the Boss – it’s best to run further away with the circle before. You never know how close the others will go… The same applies to tanks. Fist fighters can for example run out of the circle with their charge (storm attack) and get further away.

Tips for all without debuff: Keep the order of taking the debuff. Move your circle closer to the boss and avoid the boss. So you can avoid the boss, so to speak. But don’t try to dodge into the areas of other Rein – or coordinate your dodging better.

Tips for healers: For priests at the planes: Wild escape, if you don’t take the debuff, step back into the boss, if you take it (because there might be other planes in the way). For mystics at the planes: Teleport jump into the boss if you need to take the debuff, and just run out from the boss if you don’t need to take it. If you’re in combat, teleport jump. In NM, you may be able to throw Kaias shield from the priest.

HM Mechanics 1: Soul Balls (also: Balls)

The Wipe mechanic number 1 in the HM and the first reason why you must have about 160 thousand LP. Is there only in the HM regularly under 70% of Lachelita’s life points. Lachelitas runs to the center of the room while a message appears in the center of the screen (“Soul Balls…” something). Then she calls 5 soul spheres, which go away in different directions (left front, middle front, right front, left back, right back). There are 2 different types of balls: Yellow balls do 40 thousand solid LP damage and red balls do 80 thousand solid LP damage. If you have the debuff from Mechanic 1 you get twice as much damage (yellow = 80 thousand fixed LP damage, red = 160 thousand fixed LP damage). The damage directly affects your health points, i.e. your defense doesn’t matter at all. However, damage can be reduced by certain skills (see below). Each player must take at least one ball. A division of the ball sides is possible, but not necessarily useful. Everybody should be alive during this phase and already go to their position as soon as the boss runs to the middle (message appears). Basically applies:

All about balls as follows:

No Debuff: Takes red ball primary. If yellow ball is taken, it can take a second yellow ball after healing. Some groups expect you to take 2 balls. Rely on your healer.
At Debuff: Takes yellow ball primary. Can take a second yellow ball if necessary.

Ball<\ ball />ball
Ball</ >Ball

No debuff: Debuff:
Yellow ball = 40,000 LP damage 80,000 LP damage
Red ball = 80,000 LP damage 160,000 LP damage

Damage reduction for bullets from…:
Healers: Kaias Shield from Priest reduces damage by 39,749 LP. Mystic’s Healing Totem reduces damage by 7,149 damage.
Tanks: Lancers can use Iron Will to reduce damage by 32,834.
DDs: The Mage’s Mana Barrier (non-distorting barrier) reduces damage by 17,346 LP.

Tips for tanks: Lancers can throw themselves iron will and thereby survive a red ball or take 2 yellow balls. Should not have a debuff, if still, caution with the balls. At best take none. You always take one of the balls in front of the boss. Take another ball if you are otherwise wiped (red ball), even if you die, as long as the healer lives and none of your party members can take it. So only in extreme emergencies. Remember that you have potions and a healing skill – use it!

Tips for DDs: You take a ball and only a second one if no other healer (prefers healer) can and: a) the healer has healed you enough (so run after the ball), b) you have enough shields (Kaias, Totem, Iron Will, Manabarriere etc.), c) you have a passive that saves you from death once (Blade Dancer, Fist Fighter) and you have the boss almost dead or d) you otherwise wiped just before the end of the game wiped. Remember that you have potions – use them!

Tips for healers: Save Kaias shield/healer totem for the ball phase! This will reduce the damage and heal something. Keep everyone in your party (including you) alive at all times. In the ball phase after Kaias/ Totem, everyone targets before taking the ball and heals directly against it! Look at the life bars in the party menu. So DDs/ Tank can take a ball in case of emergency. You can also heal yourselves well against and then still take a ball. So if a bullet is further away, it’s your job to take the bullet if you have enough life. You should all have resurrected. If you can’t do that, try to balance it out differently: throw signs, heal up, take several bullets, etc. In an emergency, priests can use Divine Rest to save the group and mystics can call their healing pet for support. Remember that you can use life potions. No shame.

HM Mechanics 2: Triple Donut (Also: Triple; the “Healing Phase”)

This HM mechanism starts at less than 50% of Lachelita’s Health. A message with “Fate…” appears and Lachelitas rotates her tail around her. At the same time, areas of damage are deposited around her: First directly with her (up to 6 meters), then in the middle around her and then further away around her. As soon as a surface has settled, it is safe there. Each of these areas does 150 thousand direct LP damage (so defense doesn’t matter) = second reason why you should have over 150,000 LP. In addition, this mechanism cannot be blocked or dodged (I-frame). So you have to run it out or use abilities that move you faster. Since they come from the inside to the outside, you should only go out (7+ meters) when you announce the mechanics and then go in (under 6 meters). Don’t move outwards (as I said no I-frame possible), otherwise you’ll run into the next surface. But that’s not all! When the last surface is put down, Lachelitas buffed himself. So what to do? Your healer must despell it in time – before completion of the third surface and after completion of the second surface (3 stacks of the buff under LP bar of the boss). This goes with the plague of exhaustion in the priest and regression in the mystic. If the healer does not manage this, Lachelitas gets 10% more attack speed for each stack of her buffalo, i.e. too early despelling goes… still somewhat late, too late is stupid. With 3 stacks of the buff she gets 1000% more power and 50% more attack speed. The buff lasts one minute. So either you manage to kite somehow for 1 minute or… it’s a wipe. In itself it is a guaranteed wipe.

Tips for all: When announcing the mechanics, position yourself more than 6 meters away from Lachelitas and then use a fast movement skill towards the boss (assassination, charge skills, jump attack, jump back, evasive roll etc.). Also remote DDs and healers. In an emergency, go further out and then into the second plane. Normally you can run it loose, especially as a mystic. Under no circumstances will you back out! Unless you want to die…

Tip for Despell the healer: As already said, stand about 7 meters away from the boss when announcing the mechanics. Jump (wild escape for priests, teleport jump for mystics) or run in (mystics). Then either watch out for the areas you’ve put down (after the second one), but best of all watch out for the buff under Lachelitas’s life line. Here it is important that the timing is different for priests and mystics. Priests have to calculate the flight of their skill (i.e. send off with 2 stacks) and the flight of the mystic starts immediately (after 2 stacks, shortly before 3). For mystics, it’s also important to be close to the boss. So they can use teleport jump to make sure to hit regression. Priests must remember that fatigue plague is a targeting skill. If you have enough Health (over 160,000 LP), you can risk eating a tick.

HM-Mechanics 3: Push away – Debuff – Laser (also: “Knochback”/ “Debuffphase”)

The last mechanic in for the HM. Lachelitas makes this mechanics below 30% of its life points regularly. It goes into the middle of the room, flies slightly upwards and glows red. Then it pushes everyone to the edge, deals you 30,000 solid LP damage (defense doesn’t matter), gives you a bleeding debuff to clean (pulls off 20% of your life points every second for 15 seconds) and locks you briefly in a small (1, not more!!!) cage (in the cage you [possibly several times] staggerd i.e. interrupted), which you can leave only with teleport jump. Then the boss turns to a person and makes the HM-Double-Laser in his direction. If you have a priest, everyone will gather behind the boss when the mechanics are announced – including the tank – and will be fully healed. Possibly throw Kaias shield. After pushing them away, the healer must clean them all to get rid of the bleeding debuff. If you’re running with a mystic, the mystic will regularly place life spheres (at certain agreed locations) on the edge of the screen at less than 50%, and all of them will be pushed in the direction of life spheres by the mechanics. These also clean. One can neither evade nor block this mechanics. Remember to leak the laser. So pay attention where Lachelitas calls her balls.

Tips for everyone: You can direct the laser to a specific person by placing that person somewhere else and closest to the boss. This person must either have a life sphere from the mystic or an unused cleaning brooch/goddess brooch to be able to clean themselves. Probably does not always work. If you have a mystic, he should do it. Otherwise your group members can take turns. Save your cleaning brooch for this. Do not block each other with the laser and use movement skills in an emergency. Previously use buff food (sky lotus liqueur) or skills (e.g. Spotruf from the Berserk, Wächterruf? from the Lanzer) that prevent staggering. As a magician, when you get the circle, you can simply teleport out after seeing Lachelitas cast the laser.

Tips to Lanzer: Use your skill that prevents staggering (Guardian Call, I think). This will make your healer’s job much easier.

Tips for healers: As a mystic your healer calls in in advance so that it can cleanse you. Pay attention to the timing. As a priest, you can use Kaias Shield (and Guardian’s Sanctuary). As a priest, try to time your Purifying Circle so that it starts right after the pushback. Make sure that everyone is fully healed before the pushback. As a mystic, when you get the circle, you can simply teleport out after seeing Lachelitas cast the laser.


Attack 1: Donut (also: “in… out” or “out… in”)

The donut is the friend of all who can’t tell right from left. Although you can survive the attack in NM, it will kill you in HM. The boss takes breath, screams shrill while he “wiggles” his wings a bit and the screen wobbles. Then Lachelitas bends her body to one side. Her head turns to the right or left. If you get hit, you get massive damage and a bleeding debuff. You can’t dodge or block the attack, you have to dodge it! You can’t escape the attack with revenge from the Blade Dancer or Distorting Barrier from the Mage. The distance for the donut is 10 meters (up to 9 meters for the inside and from 11 meters for the outside) measured from Lachelitas. You are far away from the boss and can’t get in on time? Then run for your life! If you’re more than 35 meters away, the donut won’t hit you. The following describes where you have to go:

DD view (back, side):

Boss turns her head back to the left: In, then out
Boss turns her head and upper body to the right: Out, then in.

Tank view (front):

Boss turns her head back to the right: In, then out.
Boss turns her head and upper body to the right: Out, then in.

For the HM: The attack is executed faster in the HM and kills you!

Tips for everyone: While you’re learning this boss, stop doing damage as soon as you see the donut (or it’s announced). Then go up to about 10 meters and run out the mechanics. Archers and Berserkers are welcome to charge their attacks while they drain the donut if they dare. Classes with “Charges” (e.g. rush from the Lanzer or attack blow from the Warrior) can use it for the “Raus-Rein” for the “Rein”. Jumps like the Jump Attack or Charges can be used for the “In”.

Tips for healers: Always stays between 6 and 15 meters away from the boss. The best distance is always between 8 and 12 meters. Healers should simply run out the donut by walking a few steps in or out of 10 meters. Mystics shouldn’t waste their teleport jump. Use the teleport jump to get in and out only when far away, so that you land at about 9 meters. So you can finish the second part. Otherwise you will die. But you should just go to the edge anyway if you’re far away from the boss. So you won’t be able to get in on in and out – run 35+ meters away. Cuddle the edge. When will you be far away? As soon as you can’t get to the boss with Teleport Jump + Go (mystic) or Return + Wild Escape (priest). At about 20 meters away from the boss (= start distance at announcement of the donut) you should safely get the 35+ meters away. You’re closer and can’t get in? Then you are probably dead. It’s out? in? Curse the dying DDs you have to resurrect (and that’s why you’re so far away). You see a DD can’t get in anymore? You are priests? Remember that you can draw party members by Divine Intervention. Only one, but he will thank you. Nevertheless you have to hope that his reflexes are fast enough to run out as well… In the NM you can throw Kaias Shield (Priest)/Healtotem (Mystic) and see if people in your group survive a part of the donut at full life.

Attack 2: Frontal Combo (also: Autohit Combo, Normal Attack Combo 2 i.e. nothing special)

The boss will attack the one who has Aggro (hopefully the tank). This is the normal “Autohit-Kombo” of the boss. Doesn’t do much damage. Can be blocked and dodged. So just block it. Lachelitas can rotate between the combo parts when the aggro carrier (tank) rotates.

Tank view (front):
Left claw -> Right claw -> Left claw -> pulls it back again immediately

DD view (rear, side):
Right claw -> Left claw -> Right claw -> pulls it back again immediately

Attack 3: Swipekombo, looks similar to Frontalkombo (also: Normal Attacks… “Swipe!”/ “Dodge!”, to the tank)

The boss will attack the one who has Aggro (hopefully the tank). This attack looks very similar to the normal attack combo 2. The Swipe of the combo cannot be blocked, but has to be dodged (ge-i-framed). The Swipe has a high range (10+ meters) and a fan shape (i.e. expands sideways). In NM the Swipe already does some damage plus bleeding debuff and pushes you backwards. The debuff can and should be cleaned by the healer. Lachelitas can rotate between the combo parts when the aggro carrier (tank) rotates. Watch out for aggro changes – but in itself the whole combo should go to the aggro carrier at the beginning of the combo.

Tank view (front):

Combo, if boss not angry:
Left claw -> Right claw -> Left claw is pulled up to the head height of the boss -> it stays 1 ½ seconds -> Front-Swipe
Combo when the boss is angry:
Left claw -> Right claw -> Left claw is pulled up to the head height of the boss -> almost immediate front swipe

DD view (rear, side):

Combo when Boss isn’t angry:
Right claw -> Left claw -> Right claw is pulled up to the head height of the boss -> it stays 1 ½ seconds -> Front-Swipe
Combo when the boss is angry:
Right claw -> Left claw -> Right claw is pulled up to the head height of the boss -> almost immediate front swipe

For the HM: The boss executes the attack a bit faster and the Swipe will most likely kill you.

Tips to all: You are faced with Lachelitas? No matter what you play, look at her. Exactly. Does she do the combo? Could the Swipe come? If so – use I-frame (roll, return etc.)! You think you’re standing at the front sideways enough or far enough, forward, away? Evades. Just do it. You can’t avoid the Swipe? Then move diagonally towards the boss before she executes the third (last) part of the combo.

Tips to DDs: Don’t stand in front of the boss. End. Tank is dead? Kite the boss in a big circle through the room, unless you dare to refuel her briefly (e.g. warrior or berserk).

Tips for healers: In NM. If you see the Swipe, give the tank and/or your DDs Kaias shield if in doubt. Newcomer tanks don’t see the Swipe at first and DDs often can’t judge the Swipe at all. Otherwise you should not stand in front of the boss, but always slightly behind her chest. Only go in front of the boss if she does her “turn” (see Attack 4) or if you dare to resurrect there (or to do the resurrection trick). If your tank gets hit by the Swipe and survives, clean it first when it’s within range. Otherwise, heal him first as you run to him and then clean him.

Attack 4: Backhit Laser Combo (also: Cock Strike Laser Combo, Normal Attack Combo 2)

This combo starts with attacks on the aggro carrier (tank hopefully), then on the DDs and ends with an attack on the aggro carrier (tank hopefully). The first three combo parts are blockable and avoidable. The last part of the combo (laser) cannot be blocked or avoided. In NM you survive the laser. The tail stroke to the back (backhit) can be survived in the NM. If you are hit by the backhit, you get a bleeding debuff, which should be cleaned by the healer. In addition, the backhit has about 6 meters width and 14 meters length range. Sometimes the boss hits “among himself”. Lachelitas can rotate between the combo parts when the aggro carrier (tank) rotates. Pay attention to aggro change – all combo parts except Backhit should go on the aggro carrier at the beginning of the combo.

Tank view (front):
Right claw -> Left claw -> Rear tail strike (backhit) -> Laser on the aggro beam (tank, forward)

DD view (rear, side):
Left claw -> Right claw -> Rear tail strike (backhit) -> Laser on the aggro beam (tank, forward)

For the HM: Being hit by a backhit or laser can kill you! The laser is mostly a 3 laser (i.e. 3 lasers with 2 gaps). Rarely it is a 2 laser (i.e. 2 lasers with a middle gap).

Tips for tanks: Block the first two combo parts. In NM you can just write inside the laser if your life allows it. In the HM just go between the lasers – don’t try to waste your evasion skills. Besides, you shouldn’t turn the boss during this combo. Otherwise the rest of the group might not react in time to the backhit and/or laser.

Tips for DDs: As long as your block skills (e.g. Block the Berserker or later after the Warrior patch also Whirlwind from the Warrior) have, the backhit stops and blocks him. You can’t dodge the attack (i-frame) – so don’t even try! Revenge from the Blade Dancer should work just like the Mage’s Distorted Barrier. Everyone else should just go far enough to the side – I repeat: To the side, go away. Don’t back out and avoid dodging into the boss – it doesn’t always work. Learn to predict this attack! It’s not difficult. You can really prepare for it! Left -> right -> Backhit -> Laser. Learn that.

Tips for healers: Same as for the DDs: Learn to anticipate this attack! It’s not hard. You can really prepare for it! Left -> right -> Backhit -> Laser. Learn that. You go as soon as you see the beginning of the combo directly a few meters away from the boss or simply from behind. As a healer you should not stand behind the boss. Stand a few meters away from the boss slightly behind her breasts. In NM you can throw Kaias shield as priest to give the DDs for the backhit and the tank for the laser a shield. Mystics could throw totems. Remember to clean the DDs if they get hit.

Attack 5: Cock Strike (+Turn, Reason for Death for DDs, also: Scythe)

This attack is already more difficult to see. Lachelitas rams her tail into the ground in front of her. This part cannot be blocked or dodged (I-frame). That means you have to get out in time. The second part starts as soon as your tail gets stuck in the ground one second too long (about 2 seconds/twice “seesawing” from her). Then she twirls her tail around her once and hits everyone within a radius of about 20 meters who is not standing in front of her. That means you’re safe right in front of her. In front of her is a “free” area in the form of a “V”. This turn must be either dodged or blocked. Alternatively, you can run out of the attack by either walking in front of the boss or 20+ meters away from the boss. Important: She can make the attack twice in a row (once without turning, then with turning) and she can make this attack on a specific player. So the attack does not have to go on the tank. She targets the person she wants to hit with a secondary aggro circle (blue, purple). She can also target different people in two consecutive attacks. So yay. But don’t confuse this attack with the laser (attack 6) because of the aggro circle.

For the HM: The tail strike does enormous damage (death, probably) and gives a bleeding debuff. The turn will probably kill you.

Tips to everyone in front of the boss: For the tail strike: As soon as you see that Lachelitas takes her left hand up and there is such a red glow there, move away to the side. Never move backwards – always sideways. Tanks can’t block the tail stroke any more than anyone else. As a tank you run after the first part of the boss again directly in front of them for the possible turn.

Tips for DDs: DDs must not feel safe just because they are DDs! As soon as you stand in front of the boss, this attack could come and kill you! As I said: Neither block- nor avoidable. For the second part of the attack (turn) you must either block, avoid or be 21+ meters away from the boss. So if you’re unsure, you can either dodge forward through the boss (melee PDs) and back behind the boss after the turn, or run more than 20 yards away from the boss (e.g. by sprinting from the archers). As a magician, you can use Distorted Barrier and as a Blade Dancer, Revenge.

Tips for healers: If your tank survives the tail strike, clean it after the turn! Before that, you’re welcome to throw Kaias Shield (glyphed to life generation) as a priest (healing totem animation from mystic too long) to heal back. Otherwise it looks like this with you: Directly after the tail strike you go to the tank forward and clean it if necessary. There you are sure. It doesn’t matter if you turn after that or not – so you’re safe for now. You can throw Kaias shield/healtotem for the turn in the NM directly after the turn. Not in the HM. If you are too far away to get in front of the boss, run more than 20 meters away from the boss. That way you won’t get hit. Of course you can also just avoid the turn at the right moment.

Attack 6: Laser (when performing resurrection: Rez-Laser)

As already mentioned at the beginning in the section “Resuscitation trick”, this laser can be provoked by performing a resuscitation (+ abort by running to the right/ left). However, the RRez laser has a decay time. Lachelitas gives a random person a secondary aggro circle (purple, blue), turns around to her and fires laser at her. Before the laser appears, there are red balls in front of the boss. These red balls shoot the lasers. So don’t stand in line with them, but in the free spaces. You can’t block or dodge the laser (I-frame). In NM it probably won’t kill you. In the HM it is. You can dodge behind the boss even after the red stones appear. But be careful – the red stones themselves also hurt and have a relatively large width in which they also hit behind them. Lachelitas also announces the laser with a screen message.

For the HM: 2 lasers. One behind the other. Double laser, so to speak. Always. In the HM, the laser kills as long as your defense is too low (no one-shot). So, if you think: “Laser? Oh what! Boring!” In the HM you are allowed to run out the laser properly. There is a 2-3-laser and a 3-2-laser. That means that Lachelitas can fire a three-laser and a two-laser at you. It will look like this:
Lachelitas from the front
Left Middle Right
3 Series Laser: Laser –free-laser –free-laser –free-laser
2 Series Laser: –free Laser –free– Laser –free–
Never the same laser 2 times in a row i.e. possible combinations are: 2-3 lasers and 3-2 lasers.

Tips for everyone: If you’re resurrected, stay put. There can always be a laser. Listen to the announcements of your healers. Pay attention to whether your healer (or another team member) is resurrecting – a laser might come. If you are using a resurrection roll, a laser might also come. So be careful. If you are using a resurrection roll, say so. You can dodge the laser through the boss if you’re close. Otherwise, it will run out/use a movement skill in an emergency (Dodge, Icy Rebound for Mages). Remember, however, that you’ll have to do this diagonally, otherwise you’ll jump into the next laser (at least in the HM).

Tips for Healers: Always announce when you resurrect. Say that a Rez laser could come on you. Try to resurrect while the boss is making attacks (unless you’re doing the resurrection trick). Prepare to run before the laser. Because the bullets also hit behind them, the healer will stand behind the chest of Lachelitas. From then on the bullets won’t hit you anymore. So if you’re wondering: Why am I standing behind the boss’s bosom? That’s the reason. Otherwise, if you have the laser: There are several possibilities. Mystics should simply avoid them, they are fast on foot. If necessary, just jump teleport to the side or behind the boss (possibly away from the boss, but not recommended because of the laser range). Priests can, if they are close to the boss, simply run to the boss and avoid him. Otherwise the laser runs out. You have to be careful with the double laser in the HM. In an emergency Wilde Flucht uses oblique – oblique (!) to avoid the second laser. Otherwise you could skip the free area. If you resurrect, the first resurrection always stops as soon as the boss turns. Then comes a laser. Always – no matter what, look at the boss. Tell the resurrected one to stay down. Otherwise they die from the laser.

Have fun with Lachelitas, the Spinnies and the Firmbrilisten, your Mizu

Mizuiro (Mizu) has been playing TERA on the PC version since the Open Beta and has played every class up to 65. She actively plays priests, warriors and mystics, as well as occasional blade dancers and archers. She has experience as a casual and semi-progress player and has laid each instance on each difficulty multiple times (exception: Kelsaik’s Nest Extreme mode, “original” Manaya’s heart and “original” Argon body).


Own experience from the PC and PS4-TERA versions
Yosha (2017?): Yosha’s Ruinous Manor Guide. Available online at: , last checked: 07.05.2018
-> With clips and Youtube lists! Have a look definitely!


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