Free games with Twitch Prime in May!

It’s time again: Today Twitch Prime offers you SECHS more free games that you can keep indefinitely – with the May collection of free games with Prime. Secure them now, before they get in your way at the end of the month. This month we offer the following free games

Psychonauts: A surreal action adventure in which you use your paranormal psychic powers to explore the thoughts of bizarre characters and thwart the plans of a crazy villain.
Cluster Truck: Jump and jump through insane levels. This game is basically “The ground is made of lava” … on racing trucks driven by terrible drivers. But that’s not your only problem – you also have to steer through dangerous traps and obstacles using all your reflexes.
Gone Home: This game focuses on environment-based storytelling, using the writing skills of creative minds, and almost ridiculous attention to detail. In 1995, you explore a house in rural Oregon hoping to find out what happened there.
Titan Souls: An enormously difficult reflex-controlled action game in which you’re a little boy with just one arrow in his defense. Not only is your choice of weapons limited, but every enemy battle is also a boss battle. Your skills will certainly be put to the test here.
High Hell: This game is an arcade action first person shooter soaked in neon. Super fast and ideal for running – run through the levels and destroy everything you see.
I, Hope: A gripping, sobering and compelling story about a young girl and her life turned upside down by cancer.


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